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Customer story

Yaak helps the next generation of drivers with parts from MakerVerse

Yaak aims to make the roads safer through artificial intelligence and innovative hardware. This startup is changing how driving school students learn – but that's only the beginning. To fulfill their mission of using data to improve autonomous driving, Yaak turned to MakerVerse to produce industrial-quality parts. 


Artificial intelligence

Company location

Berlin, Germany

Company size

35+ employees

Use case

End-use parts with light assembly

Technology used

Multi Jet Fusion

Material used

PA 12 with a vapor smoothing finish

Parts produced

Mounts and enclosures for car-mounted cameras


Received 100s of high-quality parts with light assembly included


Yaak gained new flexibility and the ability to scale production, along with expert support from MakerVerse

"With MakerVerse, we found the perfect partner to support us through the whole production cycle. The team helped us with constant cooperation and quality assurance, saving us much time and effort." 

Maksym Chumak
Mechanical Engineer at Yaak

The challenge: meeting demand

In addition to offering a VR simulator for students, Yaak provides a real-life 360-degree interior and exterior view by outfitting a car with eight cameras. Combining all those data points can help students learn – and train autonomous vehicles to be safer through AI by demonstrating best driving practices.  

The camera mounts and enclosures were critical components. Due to the intricate design and the need to iterate, additive manufacturing needed to be deployed rather than traditional manufacturing methods.  

These parts needed to be built to last, as the housing units must withstand rain, snow, and other adverse conditions.  


Importantly, short lead times were critical. As demand for Yaak's products increased, the team needed to scale up production as needed and quickly iterate on designs.

The solutions: scalable production and expert support 

With MakerVerse, Yaak found the ideal partner to scale up production while maintaining flexibility. 
MakerVerse supported Yaak through the entire production cycle, from design to quality assurance. Through constant cooperation with a MakerVerse engineer, Yaak could test out multiple 3D printing technologies. MakerVerse offers the full range of manufacturing technologies, including additive manufacturing, CNC machining, vacuum casting, and more. 

After some expert consultations, Yaak used Multi Jet Fusion, a highly accurate additive manufacturing technology for their parts.  

The PA 12 material offered strong mechanical properties, while the vapor smoothing post-processing method gave the parts a striking, smooth finish.  

Furthermore, MakerVerse took care of light assembly with the threading for the camera mounts, which helped Yaak with the final assembly.  

MakerVerse's online platform significantly helped Yaak's procurement team, who could quickly and easily order parts. Yaak scaled to meet demand, ordering hundreds of parts in separate batches as needed.

The results: building for the future

Yaak has already seen significant traction for its products, as driving schools worldwide use the company's hardware and AI solutions. 

Yaak is now ready to scale production as demand grows by ordering parts through MakerVerse. The combination of fast lead times, expert assistance, and end-to-end support ensures Yaak saves precious time and resources. 

"We chose MakerVerse because of their-oriented approach and we're thrilled with the outcome," said Maksym Chumak, Mechanical Engineer at Yaak. "We're looking forward to working together on more projects."     

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