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Customer story

nFrontier builds 3D-printed smart bike helmet “PYLO” with MakerVerse

nFrontier envisioned one of the safest, smartest bicycle helmets. 

An airbag around the face activates in the case of an accident. LED lights on the back of the helmet help cyclists safely signal. A LIDAR (light detection and ranging) safety system warns cyclists of potential dangers in blind spots.  
To turn that vision into a reality, nFrontier partnered with MakerVerse to 3D print a prototype of the PYLO helmet. 

Untitled design (22).png


Innovation studio

Company location

Berlin, Germany

Company size

20+ employees

Use case


Technology used

SLS 3D printing

Material used

PA 12 with a priming and paint finish

Parts produced

An innovative helment prototype


Expert guidance from MakerVerse helped find the best-fitting material, resulting in an impressive multi-part prototype


“MakerVerse was a great partner for us in realizing the PYLO project. Their know-how and experience in 3D printing was critical to the success and we are very happy that the parts came out perfectly. They helped us save time and effort by taking care of the production."

Stephan Beyer,
Co-founder and CFO of nFrontier

The challenge: Building the perfect prototype

nFrontier felt the urgent need to enhance safety for cyclists, whether recreational riders or athletes. The team rigorously designed the helmet, which brought together technologies from the automotive, electronic, and computer industries.  
For nFrontier, a high-quality prototype was critically important. The prototype would be brought to trade shows, shown to media outlets, and used to attract future investment.

Therefore, the prototype must be expertly manufactured, visually striking, and lightweight.

nFrontier_green (1).png

The outer shell of the helmet was primed and painted.

nFrontier_red cage (1).png

The inner frame was also made using SLS 3D printing technology. 

The solutions: Shifting into high gear with MakerVerse

To achieve a prototype highlighting everything the PYLO helmet offers, nFrontier put their trust in MakerVerse. 
Before production began, nFrontier worked with MakerVerse’s expert engineering team to determine the best way to produce the parts.

Based on the project needs, MakerVerse recommended using Selective Laser Sintering, an additive manufacturing technology capable of complex, highly accurate polymer parts. The material used was PA 12, a polyamide with high strength and long-term stability.

Thanks to MakerVerse’s fully-vetted supply chain, the perfect manufacturer produced the parts, including the outer shell and intricate inner lining.

The results: PYLO pedals into the spotlight

With the 3D-printed parts provided by MakerVerse, nFrontier was ready to show off the PYLO prototype to the world.  
nFrontier unveiled the helmet at the IAA Mobility 2023 motor show in Germany, generating a strong positive reaction from attendees
and the media. Attendees especially noted the unique technologies and impressive design of the helmet. 
With the prototype completed, nFrontier looks forward to bringing the product to market to make cycling safer.

nFrontier_red (1).png

The 3D printed inner shell is lightweight. 

“MakerVerse helped make the prototyping process easy for us,” said Stephan Beyer, co-founder of nFrontier. “The team did a great job, from the initial planning to the quality control.”   

Put your parts into production today!
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