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Stereolithography (SLA)
3D printing services

Order industrial-quality SLA parts from a fully-vetted supply chain

Stereolithography (SLA) is a 3D printing technology that unlocks intricate design possibilities with precision and versatility. It's one of the most popular resin-based 3D printing technologies, combining low costs with advantageous mechanical attributes.  

How SLA works

SLA works by utilizing the principles of photopolymerization.

The additive manufacturing process begins with a vat of liquid resin selectively cured by a UV light source, solidifying one layer at a time.​


The build platform gradually moves, curing and fusing each layer. This precise layering process produces highly accurate, intricate parts with smooth surface finishes.  

SLA use cases

SLA is used in various applications, from product design and functional prototyping to end-use parts. This technology allows for thorough testing, validation, and design iterations. All this accelerates product development. 

SLA by the numbers

Max Build Size: 2100 x 700 x 800 mm

Minimum Wall Thickness: 0.7 mm (depending on material and geometry)

Dimensional Accuracy: +/- 0.2%, minimum of 0.02 mm

Lead Times: Starting at 7 days

Key feature: Full range of materials


SLA offers various materials, each with unique characteristics and applications. Through MakerVerse, you get access to the full range of materials. Some of the most popular include:  


Standard Resins: General purpose materials offering good mechanical properties, ease of use, and excellent surface finishes  


Flexible Resins: Flexible resins mimic the flexibility and elasticity of rubber  


High-Temperature Resins: Built to withstand high temperatures  


Transparent Resins: For clear and translucent parts  

Bio-Compatible Resins: These are safe for medical and dental applications   

Source industrial-grade SLA parts

MakerVerse gives you the flexibility to source parts however you need. Get instant quotes and quickly order parts with on-demand manufacturing. Our team of experts will work with you for sophisticated orders to develop, align, and supervise a manufacturing quality plan from start to finish.

  • Quotes within 24 hours

  • Short lead times

  • Fast and intuitive order placement

On-demand manufacturing
  • Expert support from end-to-end

  • Comprehensive manufacturing and quality plan

  • Guaranteed quality meeting advanced specifications

Production Orders

Available SLA finishes


Fine particles, such as sand or glass beads, gently remove the outer layer of the print and achieve a smooth and uniform surface. This is especially beneficial for removing traces of support structures.  

Prime and color spray painting 

First, a primer is applied to create a smooth base. Then a range of colors can be added and intricate details, resulting in visually stunning and personalized prints. 


Through careful buffing and smoothing techniques, SLA parts achieve a glossy and reflective surface that highlights the fine details of the print and offers good transparency.  

UV-resistant painting 

Protect your SLA prints from the damaging effects of the sun while adding a layer of visual appeal with UV resistant painting. This ensures prints retain their vibrant colors and structural integrity over time.  

 Resources: Polymer 3D printing 

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See which option is best for ensuring the quality and functionality of your polymer part.

Put these tips and strategies into action to cut additive manufacturing cost.

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Even a perfect design for additive manufacturing needs an end-to-end quality control process. Here’s how MakeVerse does that for you.

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