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The MakerVerse supply chain

See how our global, fully-vetted supply chain helps you get industrial-grade parts.


At MakerVerse, we're committed to guaranteeing the quality of every single part ordered on our platform. Our supply chain makes that possible. 


We've built a global supply chain consisting of only hand-picked suppliers who have undergone a rigorous selection and onboarding process.


We offer you a high-capacity one-stop shop with the full range of manufacturing technologies, materials, and finishes at your disposal. 

Working with the best

Every manufacturing partner is ISO 9001 certified. Many are additionally certified in specialized fields (IATF 16949, AS 9100, ISO 13486, ISO 27001). Our selection and onboarding process goes beyond those certifications, as we set stringent standards that all our suppliers follow. 

The partner selection process


Our team of engineers and supply chain experts meets with suppliers

Processes examined

We ensure that end-to-end processes are compliant with our high standards

IP security protection

Suppliers assessed for strong cybersecurity and IP protection

Onsite visit

Suppliers are visited in person to see their capabilities first-hand

Sample order inspections

Sample orders are inspected according to stringent quality guidelines

Onboarding completed

If all steps are successful, the supplier is onboarded


We document capabilities, technologies, and lead times in detail

Full legal documentation

We conduct thorough legal due diligence with any potential partner

Ongoing quality assurance

Onboarded suppliers regularly audited for quality control

We regularly audit our fully vetted and onboarded partners to ensure the highest levels of reliability and quality. Doing this guarantees your parts arrive exactly as you need them – every time. 

All partners must follow our detailed specifications, covering aesthetics, technical, quality control, and shipping requirements. 

We ensure compliance with our technical data sheets, ensuring material properties and part tolerances before and after post processing 


All partners must also follow our quality standards, allowing us to perform onsite audits and inspections as needed 

A one-stop shop for every project

Our comprehensive supply chain puts the full range of manufacturing methods, materials, and finishes easily at your disposal.


Furthermore, we're always working with innovators offering the latest cutting-edge technologies.  Access all these options without investing your capital expenditures in your own machines. 

Flexibility for all your projects

Our distributed supply chain offers complete flexibility for all your applications.


Choose our standard suppliers, based in Europe, for faster lead times. Or, you can opt for our economy suppliers located internationally that offer price advantages.

We vetted all our suppliers to deliver the highest levels of quality, so you can decide what's best for you.    

On-demand availability, always

Short-lead times are critical for any business. That's why we built our supply chain for a high capacity, with more than 700 printers and machines available for all your projects.


With this capacity, you can order all the needed parts on demand without any lengthy production queues. Get your parts without delay. 

Making production orders easy

Have a complicated project? Our experts are ready to help execute the entire project for you. 


We'll consult you on the ideal combination of technologies and materials, find and work with the producers, and manage the project every step of the way.

Learn more on our production page

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