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The #1 platform for sourcing industrial parts

Order your parts on-demand from our MakerVerse platform

Discover how we handle our order flow in six easy steps

Need end-to-end support for your entire project? Learn about working with us on production orders.

Upload your file

Step 1: Upload your file

Start your advanced manufacturing journey at MakerVerse by uploading your file to our platform through a simple drag-and-drop. We accept the full range of file formats on our platform.

We ensure confidentiality and data protection across all steps of your order. 

3D Printing Supplier_Makerverse
Select your part specifications
3D Printing platform_Makerverse

Step 2: Select your part specifications

Select the required material, technology, and post-processing. Our extensive portfolio offers 100+ technologies, materials, and post-processing combinations. For any questions regarding requirement specifications, our team of  manufacturing experts is happy to help. 

Instant quotation

Step 3: Instant quotation

Based on your selected requirements, we leverage state-of-the-art artificial intelligence in our instant quoting algorithms to provide you with a price and lead time within seconds.

3d Printing instant quote_makerverse
MakerVerse_3D printing_Delivery

Step 4: Production

Enter your contact and payment details to submit your order. Our enginers will then review and confirm your order. Our intelligent supplier matching algorithm will then select the ideal supplier for your requested part across our premium fully-vetted supplier network. Once completed, production begins.

Quality control

Step 5: Quality control

After production, our expert team conducts in-person quality control examinations of every single part.

Depending on your selection, additional quality tests will be conducted at accredited partner laboratories, such as the ZEISS Quality Excellence Centers.

Quality Control_Additive Manufacturing
Receive your part

Step 6: Receive your part

Once we have conducted our quality control, you will receive your custom part within the agreed upon lead time and quality requirements. 

We make reordering simple. Your previous order data is saved and your next part is only one click away.

Put your parts into production today!
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