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How MakerVerse works

AI-based instant quotes for maximum transparency

Order your parts on-demand

Forget about the manual and experience-based quoting of the past. Instead, we use artificial intelligence to compare your part to millions of data points, giving you an instant and competitive quote.

Looking for end-to-end support for your entire project? For expert guidance and guaranteed quality explore our production orders.

Upload your file and select specifications

Receive a quotation

Production and quality control

Get instant quotes

Upload a file and put your parts into production quickly. We use millions of data points to give you a competitive price.

Complete accuracy with AI-powered algorithms 

Total transparency - what you see is what you pay

Endless flexibility to experiment with different materials, finishes, technologies, and designs

The easy way to source parts

The MAKERVERSE supply chain

The MakerVerse platform connects you to a global supply chain. Get access to a wide range of industrial-quality manufacturing technologies, materials, and finishes.

Our entire supply chain is built from carefully-selected suppliers who have undergone a thorough selection and onboarding process.

Learn about our fully-vetted supply chain

Work with our experts

Our team possesses combined decades of engineering and operations experience. These experts worked on tens of thousands of complex parts.


Now, they're ready to help you.   


Our team can manage the entire project for you or simply provide guidance on which technologies or materials are best for your project.

Learn how we can help

Optical 3D Scan_3D printing
Guaranteed industrial quality

After production, our expert team conducts in-person quality control examinations of every single part.

Depending on your selection, additional quality tests will be conducted at accredited partner laboratories, such as the ZEISS Quality Excellence Centers.

Learn more about our high quality standards

IP protection & cybersecurity

Data security is our top priority. With 2-factor authentication, European servers, and strict need-to-know access, we ensure that only authorized personnel can access your valuable files.


State-of-the-art antivirus software and firewall systems provide protection against cyber threats. We're in the process of obtaining ISO 27001 certification, demonstrating our commitment to excellence.

Explore how we safeguard your data


Frequently asked questions

Does MakerVerse manufacture my parts?

No, we have a large network of regularly vetted production partners in Europe and globally. This means customers can access the available capacity of more than 700 printers and machines.

How much does MakerVerse cost?

There is no hidden cost – our prices are transparent. As the one-stop shop platform for on-demand manufacturing services, the platform is free to use and allows you to get free cost estimates online. You only pay for the part production and the shipping costs.

What production technologies does MakerVerse offer?

Our network of certified partners enables us to provide our makers with a variety of highest quality solutions. We offer 15+ manufacturing technologies. Some of the most popular include:


Click here for more information on materials and technologies.

How long does it typically take to manufacture a single part?

The timing of the full manufacturing process from order to delivery can vary depending on the part complexity, the specific manufacturing partner, and the type of production technology used. We do our best to ensure the fastest turn-around time possible and you should expect to receive your part within 5-14 days from your order.

Put your parts into production today!

Securely upload your files and
receive an instant quote.

Want to see our platform live in action?

Schedule a demo with

one of our experts!

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