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Fast, flexible solutions for the space industry 

Innovate rapidly and produce parts with the highest quality

There’s no room for error in the space industry. Every part must be meticulously designed and produced. With MakerVerse, you can create high-performance parts quickly with cutting-edge technologies, including on-demand manufacturing. 


Flexible manufacturing

Realize rapid manufacturing and iterate quickly with fast quoting and short lead times through MakerVerse’s global supply chain

Produce high-performance parts

Make use of design freedom and leverage the latest manufacturing technologies to produce innovative parts 

Build for quality

Produce parts designed to withstand heat, wear, and other challenges – all checked with rigorous quality controls

Simplify small batch production 

With our manufacturing technologies, space companies can quickly and cost-efficiently create a small batch or single parts. 

Create parts – from prototypes to end-use parts – without additional tooling. 

This saves time and money, allowing you to start testing, validating, and iterating quickly. 

3d printing parts space industry
Rocket_3d printed parts

Reduce weight to increase performance 

Every gram matters when a payload is launched into space. Using additive manufacturing, companies can build lightweight parts perfectly suited for launch. 

Design and build parts with sophisticated geometries that are not possible with traditional manufacturing.  

These new designs can be lighter and perform better, ensuring reduced weight and high-quality standards.  

Fundamental applications

  • Creation of light, high-performance parts 

  • Small-batch production without the need for additional tooling 

  • Simplifying assembly with re-designed parts 

  • Rapid production of prototypes to validate designs and conduct functional tests faster 

Space Industry applications for 3d printing

"We needed a complex metal prototype quickly for a very early-stage project, and MakerVerse was up to the challenge. A big thanks to the team for exceeding our expectations. We’re looking forward to working together again soon."

Engineer at a Spacecraft Component Manufacturer

Simple steps to your industrial parts

Receive an instant quote
  • Get a quote in three easy steps

  • Design for manufacturability checks in real-time

  • Instant pricing for manufacturing on demand

Production & post-processing
  • Streamlined process with single counterpart

  • Functional parts & post-processing through one hand

  • Vetted network of expert suppliers

Preparing shipment
  • Assured industrial quality for your parts

  • Transparent and simple delivery process

  • Guaranteed and fast lead times

  • Parts received according to all your specifications

  • Quality inspection reports included as needed

Begin your space exploration with MakerVerse

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