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Fast, Cost-efficient Solutions for Mobility Companies

Shorten lead times and improve parts availability

When people rely on your mobility solutions, the last thing you want is disruptions causing delays and dissatisfaction. Keep everything running smoothly with MakerVerse to create high-quality parts with short lead times.


Flexible Manufacturing

Realize rapid manufacturing and overcome supplier shortages with fast quoting and short lead times through MakerVerse's network of 700+ industrial-grade machines across Europe

Optimized Maintenance

Improve spare parts availability by storing parts digitally on the secure MakerVerse platform and printing them on-demand with our certified supplier network

Build for Quality

Produce parts designed to withstand heat, wear, and other challenges – all checked with rigorous industry-leading quality controls

Reduce Maintenance Efforts

Maintenance becomes more manageable by using our additive manufacturing technologies.

Instead of relying on a variety of commodity piece parts from distant suppliers or heavy capital expenditures to produce in-house, use the MakerVerse platform.

Gain faster lead times and enjoy reduced costs from fewer manual steps.

3D printed parts mobility
mobility_3D printed parts

Build a Digital Warehouse

Physically storing all the parts you need is inefficient and expensive. Mobility companies can build digital warehouses instead.

With a digital warehouse, you can securely store all designs on the MakerVerse platform. Whenever a part is needed, order the part on-demand.

This digital warehouse gives you more manageable inventories, faster lead times, and simplified processes.

Mobility Industry 3D Printing Applications

  • Building a digital warehouse to order spare parts on demand

  • Rapid production of prototypes to validate designs and conduct functional tests quickly and cost efficiently

  • Creation of high-performance end-use parts that can be used on everything from bicycles to buses to trains

3d printed parts for trains

Adam, logistics manager at a railway company

The parts we order are always on time and work exactly as we hope for. We really appreciate how MakerVerse helps us avoid any part-related delays during maintenance.



3D Printing in 3 Steps


Instant Quotation



Production and




Delivery of your parts


Get a quote in three easy steps

Design for manufacturability checks in real-time

Instant pricing for 3D printing on demand

Streamlined process with single counterpart

Functional parts & post-processing through one hand

Vetted European network of 3D printing suppliers

Assured industrial quality for 3D printing parts

Transparent and simple delivery process

Guaranteed and reliable lead times


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