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Rapid Prototyping and Reliable Manufacturing for Industrial Companies

Accelerate product development and customize your industrial equipment and components

Speed and reliability are everything. That means staying ahead of the competition – and any assembly disruptions. With the MakerVerse platform, you gain a competitive edge with a faster time to market. Avoid disruptions by getting the parts you need – fast. 


Create Customized Parts

Produce industrial-grade parts with improved functionality and performance through cutting-edge manufacturing technologies

Decrease Inventory Size

Improve spare parts availability by storing parts digitally on the secure MakerVerse network and producing them on-demand through our certified supplier network

Reduce Manufacturing Time

Build fast and overcome supplier shortages with rapid lead times through a network of 700+ machines across Europe

Design for Improved Performance and Efficiency 

Build and order high-performance parts on the MakerVerse platform. For example, companies can create specialized heat exchangers that are lighter and more efficient thanks to optimized fluid paths and better surface properties. 

Achieve these improvements with a short development time. Prototype rapidly without the need for tooling. Once tested, begin production on the best-performing part immediately.

industrial tooling_3d printing
Industrial 3d printing

Reduce Manufacturing Effort

Maintenance becomes more manageable by using our digital additive manufacturing technologies. 

Instead of relying on a variety of commodity piece parts from distant suppliers or heavy capital expenditures to produce in-house, use the MakerVerse platform.  

Gain faster lead times and enjoy reduced costs from fewer manual steps. 

Industrial Applications for 3D Printing

  • Creation of specialized high-performance parts such as flow-improved heat exchangers 

  • Rapid prototyping of machine parts to validate designs and unleash innovation faster on the market 

  • Efficient manufacturing of customized jigs and tools in small batches to support floor manufacturing 

  • Small on-demand production runs for spare parts with piece part integration to reduce manufacturing downtimes 

Industrial 3D printed parts

Christopher, production manager at a multi-national engineering company

We do a lot of our AM production in-house, but MakerVerse gives us the flexibility and range of technologies to introduce AM to new products and processes.



3D Printing in 3 Steps


Instant Quotation



Production and




Delivery of your parts


Get a quote in three easy steps

Design for manufacturability checks in real-time

Instant pricing for 3D printing on demand

Streamlined process with single counterpart

Functional parts & post-processing through one hand

Vetted European network of 3D printing suppliers

Assured industrial quality for 3D printing parts

Transparent and simple delivery process

Guaranteed and reliable lead times


Realize Your Industrial Project with MakerVerse