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Bring your education and research project to life

Rapidly test and implement your designs for any project

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For any university or research project, speed and efficiency are critical. The ability to quickly test and iterate your designs is one aspect. Balancing this with cost efficiency is also important. MakerVerse supports your educational needs with the latest manufacturing technologies.

Design feedback

Make use of automatic design checks on the MakerVerse platform or get additional feedback from one of our manufacturing experts

Fast project realization

Realize rapid manufacturing and iterate quickly with fast quoting and short lead times through MakerVerse's global supply chain

Asset-light manufacturing

Run your first series production and print parts with our certified supplier network offering a range of materials and technologies

Rapid design iteration

Engineering students use technologies such as on-demand manufacturing to iterate on new designs quickly.

With MakerVerse’s fast lead times, students can use printed prototypes to solve challenges and validate new design ideas.

You can choose from a wide range of metal and polymer materials, which offers flexibility for any project.

3d printing protoypes
rapid prototyping

Create high-performance parts

Performance matters in specialized education and research projects. Whether you’re a member of the student racing team or experimenting for research, high-performing parts are essential.

On-demand manufacturing offers an edge. Makers can create light, high-performance parts.

Furthermore, development and production times are significantly reduced.

Fundamental applications

  • Rapid production of prototypes to validate designs and conduct functional tests faster

  • Efficient manufacturing of customized jigs and tools in small batches to produce prototypes of parts normally made with conventional manufacturing methods

  • Creation of optimized high-performance parts 

jigs and fixtures 3d printing

"MakerVerse really took the time to understand our project and help us. Working together was a great experience, as they were always so open and transparent about all the parts we ordered."

Camilla Chitvanni,
Co-Head of Engineering 

Simple steps to your industrial parts

Receive an instant quote
  • Get a quote in three easy steps

  • Design for manufacturability checks in real-time

  • Instant pricing for manufacturing on demand

Production & post-processing
  • Streamlined process with single counterpart

  • Functional parts & post-processing through one hand

  • Vetted network of expert suppliers

Preparing shipment
  • Assured industrial quality for your parts

  • Transparent and simple delivery process

  • Guaranteed and fast lead times

  • Parts received according to all your specifications

  • Quality inspection reports included as needed

Realize your research project with MakerVerse

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