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Cost-efficient, flexible solutions for the automotive industry 

Prototype rapidly and produce auto components with industrial-grade quality 

When building or improving a vehicle, gaining a competitive edge is essential. Manufacturing custom car parts needs to be an efficient and reliable process. With the MakerVerse platform, you get on-demand manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing to help with all your automotive use cases.


Flexible manufacturing

Realize rapid manufacturing and overcome supplier shortages with instant quotes and quick lead times through MakerVerse's vetted gloal supply chain

Create customized parts 

Gain design freedom and a competitive edge by producing custom parts to fulfill the most challenging wishes of your drivers

Always stay in production

Improve spare parts availability for any vehicle – including rare classics - by storing parts digitally on the secure MakerVerse network and printing them on-demand 

Parts customization 

Create highly-customized accessories or components for vehicles with MakerVerse. 

Manufacturers can use on-demand manufacturing to produce handles, cover inlets, unique interior designs, and more to fit every customer's preference.


Achieve this with a short time-to-market that doesn't require tooling. 

Cars Parts Customization_3D Printing
Lightweight Auto Parts_3D Printing

High-performance, lightweight parts

Reduce the weight of automotive parts and increase performance through additive manufacturing. Use the MakerVerse platform to gain an edge. 

Manufacturers can design lightweight mesh structures, better battery containers, improved exhausts, and more.


Quickly iterate on these designs to find the best combination of lighter weight and high performance for all your automotive needs.

Fundamental applications 

  • Rapid production of prototypes to validate designs and bring new car series on the market faster 

  • Efficient manufacturing of customized jigs and tools in small batches to support the shop floor  

  • Creation of optimized high-performance parts such as hyper sports car exhausts 

  • Small on-demand production runs for spare parts of classic cars and custom tuning parts 

Automotive Industry 3D Printing Applications

"We provide our customers with high-performance cars, so every part needs to be perfect. MakerVerse was a great partner in ensuring each part performed exactly as we required."

Engineer at a Custom Car Manufacturer

"MakerVerse is extremely convenient for us. Their range of materials (especially metals) and post-processings (like heat treatments and surface finishes) means we can get everything we need in one place."

Production Manager at a Tier 2 Supplier

Simple steps to your industrial parts

  • Parts received according to all your specifications

  • Quality inspection reports included as needed

  • Assured industrial quality for your parts

  • Transparent and simple delivery process

  • Guaranteed and fast lead times

Preparing shipment
  • Streamlined process with single counterpart

  • Functional parts & post-processing through one hand

  • Vetted network of expert suppliers

Production & post-processing
  • Get a quote in three easy steps

  • Design for manufacturability checks in real-time

  • Instant pricing for manufacturing on demand

Receive an instant quote

Start your automotive project with MakerVerse

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