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Engineering expert service

From file conversions to expert consulting, access services to make your project a success. 

Engineering services

Our goal is to simplify your path to production by offering hassle-free solutions for both simple and intricate projects.


Leveraging our extensive knowledge in both emerging and traditional technologies, we ensure your designs are always ready for manufacturing, providing you with the cutting-edge advantage you need.

Digital services

Work with our dedicated team of engineering experts. Get as much support as you need to make your project a success.

  • End-to-end production support

  • Expertise for emergent and traditional technologies

  • Comprehensive design for manufacturing (DFM) guidance

Expert consultancy and support

Save precious time with services that turn your designs into usable formats for advanced manufacturing. Get a free quote for digital services alone or combine with your parts order.

  • 2D technical drawing to 3D file conversion

  • STEP file generation

File conversions

File conversions require the right software, experience, and a significant investment of time and effort, whether converting a 2D file to 3D or a CAD file to a STEP file.

Let our team take care of all that. 

For converting 2D tiles to 3D, we'll assess the file's complexity, select the right tools, and complete the conversion for you.

For CAD files, we can seamlessly transform them to STEP format.

Whether you're providing a straightforw
ard file or something more intricate, we're ready to help.  

Expert engineering consultancy and support

We've got your back. Utilize our expert engineering support to solve your unique challenges.

Our end-to-end production support covers it all, from crafting complex production plans to in-production readiness to scaling solutions. Get as much help as you need for your project. 

We bring expertise in emerging and traditional technologies, offering insights into the latest production methods and materials.  And our comprehensive DFM guidance ensures your designs are manufacturing-ready. 

Our offering

At MakerVerse, we offer 12+ manufacturing technologies, including additive manufacturing (AM) technologies, CNC machining, rapid casting, sheet metal fabrication, and more.


Our global network of certified producers provides you with industrial-grade quality. 


Our 100+ material portfolio contains different metals and polymers, ensuring maximum flexibility for every specific use case. You can learn more about the main characteristics of our materials here.

The easy way to source parts

The MakerVerse supply chain

The MakerVerse platform connects you to a global supply chain. Get access to a wide range of industrial-quality manufacturing technologies, materials, and finishes.

Our entire supply chain is built from carefully-selected suppliers who have undergone a thorough selection and onboarding process.

Learn about our fully-vetted supply chain

Work with our experts

Our team possesses combined decades of engineering and operations experience. These experts worked on tens of thousands of complex parts.


Now, they're ready to help you.   


Our team can manage the entire project for you or simply provide guidance on which technologies or materials are best for your project.

Learn how we can help

Optical 3D Scan_3D printing
Guaranteed industrial quality

After production, our expert team conducts in-person quality control examinations of every single part.

Depending on your selection, additional quality tests will be conducted at accredited partner laboratories, such as the ZEISS Quality Excellence Centers.

Learn more about our high quality standards

IP protection & cybersecurity

Data security is our top priority. With 2-factor authentication, European servers, and strict need-to-know access, we ensure that only authorized personnel can access your valuable files.


State-of-the-art antivirus software and firewall systems provide protection against cyber threats. We're in the process of obtaining ISO 27001 certification, demonstrating our commitment to excellence.

Explore how we safeguard your data


Convert your files easily

Securely upload the files you need to be converted.

Book a consultation

Schedule a consultation with our manufacturing experts. 

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