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Customer stories

At MakerVerse, we believe in the influence of on-demand  manufacturing and its ability to change industries. Utilizing the advantages of on-demand manufacturing lets businesses expand their capabilities and visualize new creations.


We want the makers to focus on what they do best, innovating new designs and products while we handle the production.

Siemens Energy

Advances additive manufacturing capabilities

Siemens Energy has long relied on additive manufacturing to reduce development times and build high-performance parts. The company now uses MakerVerse to expand its additive manufacturing capabilities for developing specialized end-use parts and unique prototypes. 

Presse-b-01 (2).png

Swissloop Tunneling

Builds innovative tunnel boring machines

After a strong performance at Elon Musk's "Not-a-Boring Competition" in 2021, Swissloop Tunneling has been busy upgrading its award-winning tunnel boring machine. With some critical parts made by MakerVerse, the team is readying its powerful device for the upcoming competition in the United States.

motorendeckel abstrakt.png


Helps the next generation of drivers with parts from MakerVerse

Yaak aims to make the roads safer through artificial intelligence and innovative hardware. This startup is changing how driving school students learn – but that's only the beginning. To fulfill their mission of using data to improve autonomous driving, Yaak turned to MakerVerse to produce industrial-quality parts. 

CNC machined aluminum connector attached to carbon fiber


Builds 3D-printed smart bike helmet “PYLO” with MakerVerse

nFrontier envisioned one of the safest, smartest bicycle helmets. 
An airbag around the face activates in the case of an accident. LED lights on the back of the helmet help cyclists safely signal. A LIDAR (light detection and ranging) safety system warns cyclists of potential dangers in blind spots.  
To turn that vision into a reality, nFrontier partnered with MakerVerse to 3D print a prototype of the PYLO helmet.  

Hopper Mobility

Rapid prototypes to innovate transportation

Hopper Mobility is an electric vehicle startup founded in 2021. With MakerVerse, the startup quickly and cost-effectively tested better-performing housing for their steering wheel dashboard and mirrors. MakerVerse's fast lead times and instant quotations were deciding factors for Hopper Mobility's sourcing decision. 

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Aims to significantly streamline the process of fulfilling internal demands for AM parts

MakerVerse accomplished platform-to-platform integration with the first delivered parts for Siemens. Siemens and MakerVerse believe platform-to-platform connectivity will expand the availability of the AM Network users within Siemens and beyond.



Launches rocket with machined parts from MakerVerse

Pushing the boundaries of space technology requires innovative thinking and the right tools for the job. The Scientific Workgroup for Rocketry and Spaceflight (WARR) at the Technical University of Munich launched their cryogenic rocket 12.7 kilometers above the earth.

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